Made in Pistoia & exported to Saatchi gallery

What can it be?
I wrote ️some previous posts about this, it’s about a red colour big sculpture …before white & later red …

A masterpiece sculpture made by The artist Alexander Kosolopov originally from
Russia but living in New York, working in Pistoia by Salvadori foundry ( to create this big work called: Hero, Leader & God.

The exibition is still Open in London until February 23rd (

I Have been invited to the pre-opening personally by The artist, That I want to Thank you again as it has been a Great experience because I Have followed this work since from The beginning & seeing it in my beloved London in a Such Beautiful setting as it is the Makes me very Happy as I ️Would Have met an old friend to a glam party: What a cool feeling… wow!

Very proud to be from Pistoia That has been chosen from a worldwide renowned artist Such as Alexander Kosolapov for his Beautiful & precious works!

See you soon in Pistoia for a New sculpture “made in Pistoia”

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