Adopt a Tuscan olive tree

enjoy your own organic extra virgin olive oil!

Are you passionate about nature, environment, agriculture, history, traditions, organic food, Italian goodies, Tuscany and all about Italy?

Yes? So, this is your call!

This is an example of the certification you or your friends will receive if you adopt an olive tree.

Now with you can have the chance to adopt a Tuscan olive tree on Pistoia’s hills and so in this way you could:

1. Save a tree: in which way? assuring it a good life in a clean and safe environment ( nowadays if you have an olive grove in Italy it means having a lots of expenses …really too much to take care of it , so most of them have been left by their own and this is a great pity as they represent our past and our history.

2. You could give a name to your tree – so it could be a perfect personalized birthday present for a friend of yours, or an anniversary gift, a lovely wish for a new born, a precious and original present to a foodie friend and for everybody and for any occasion or just because you like them!

3. You could receive two liters of organic extra virgin olive oil directly from your tree when it’s harvest time (october-november)

4. You could “meet” personally your tree if you come here and have a walk on the olive grove

5. You could plan a visit to see your tree, touch it and taste the extra virgin olive oil straight in the field

6. You could really feel part of a magnificent region that is Tuscany, that now need your help to support agriculture and a millenarian culture, dedicated since Etruscan times, to olive groves !

7. And last but not least …a good “excuse” or just a reason more to plan a trip to Tuscany to discover its goodies and beauties with my private guided tours around Tuscany including this exclusive experience!

To adopt an organic olive tree you can find all the details here:

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