Montecatini Terme: Thermal water & Liberty style

Have you ever been to Montecatini Terme? Just 15 kilometres from Pistoia, you can’t miss it if you are traveling in Tuscany, especially nowadays after lockdown, we really need places like this one.

Why? because here you could spend one day in a stunning , historical thermal location immersed in a beautiful park and the building itself it’s a great example of Art Nouveau style like this one: “ il Tettuccio” designed 1918 by Ugo Giovanozzi on an older building commissioned by the Grand Duke Leopold in 1782.

I was there after many years just yesterday to attend to a cultural event called “BiblioTerme” in which authors present their books: another reason to visit it in September to meet the writers in a precious open space like this.

A lovely café inside, a beautiful library and some shops made it a special place where to spend some time to relax and forget for some hours the postcovid world outside.

You could enjoy non only hydropinic cure with water to drink straight from the fountains that comes out at about 18-34 degrees from deep limestone deposit, but also muds, ventilations, bathings, insufflations and also a great walk in the park where you can breath the elegant atmosphere of last century’s “grandeur”.

Wearing mask of course, keeping social distance, cleaning our hands but finally together again discussing about something different than Covid19, dead people and hospital: new fresh air for mind and body, enjoy my pictures and my happiness of being alive here!

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