A generous gesture from New York to Pistoia

My good friend Sylvia Zarr from New York decided to donate pizzas and a typical American dessert homemade “brownies” to the nurses of the new Covid19 department located in the city center of Pistoia in Via della Crocetta.

Sylvia ordered them through my husband restaurant pizzeria in Pistoia, Il Pollo d’oro.

I went personally to bring these presents along with my husband Stefano and at the presence of the vice Major the gynecologist Anna Maria Celesti, the Major of Pistoia, Alessandro Tomasi and the directors of this Covid19 new sector.

I found this gesture so touching, so great that this made think about a story my grandmother (the same who left her mother in the Spanish fever I wrote about in my previous post) about the end of the Second World War in 1945 when the American troops arrived in Pistoia: they brought white bread (Italians didn’t see it since long time only the dark one ), chocolate, meat in can ( never seen before in those box) and cigarettes!

I thought that another time, after so many years, another American brought us pizza and chocolate as a sign of solidarity and I wanted to see a sort of a new liberation for us in this gesture.

I can’t find the right words to explain my happiness for this sign of love from my American lady, as I have no words to thank the new heros of our Era: nurses and doctors that are fighting as lions to look after our people with love and responsibility.

I couldn’t find the right words but I found a great feeling deep in my heart: it’s a sense of community a sense of a great solidarity that links our lives to those of others, no matter where they are, our hearts are close and this is our strength : help each and truly believe it will be another Renaissance for everybody, everywhere in the world , we shall overcome all together!

Grazie Sylvia, you are here in my heart and in my soul now and forever!

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